Relief is not coming after Irma

Relief is not coming after Irma

18. 04. 24

As announced, no relief to be expected, the SZV has started its aggressive control campaign, be aware, especially contractors.

The SZV recently announced that is going to start visiting building sites, as the SZV is targeting contractors primarily. SZV also started sending assessments for the period(s) right after hurricane Irma.

No relief, no grace period. So be prepared as the Government and SZV need money and they will try assessing you and your business. Right now the audit-team is visiting tax consultant and handing our letter requesting missing declarations for ZV-OV and Cessantillia.
The tax department is lagging somewhat behind, but they will soon follow suit.

Get protection contact, James and Associates, to prepare your administration and your tax declarations.

It’s easier to maintain and declare than to protest assessments and fines.