The service that is being offered is “Easy Payroll & Tax filing” . This service is for employers who need to make their employees payroll and pay their monthly taxes related (including Turnover taxes)

This service allows you to manage all payroll and related monthly information for your administration and tax filing from your computer, tablet or smart phone. Soon as a mobile app, on IOS and Android.

How does it work?

You register your company, then add your employees and their personal information like address marital status, children and more.

When you are ready to generate a payroll, you can add the salary amount, or the hours worked for that period, depending on if the employee has a fixed salary or receives an hourly pay.

We support overtime pay, holiday pay and bonuses, all in accordance with Sint Maarten tax, labor and social security laws.

Once submitted the salary is then generated and the pay slips are sent to you by email.

If the “Turn over package “ is chosen, you can enter your monthly Turnover for that period and we will provide you with the amounts to be paid for all your monthly taxes, while we declare your taxes online on your behalf.

Included in all Payroll package is the year end summary for the employees and employers.


we offer the following packages


  • No long term contract
  • Pay per employee payroll
  • Pay per monthly declarations
  •   No set up fees
  •   Etc.
$4.99 per employee
  • $4.99 per employee per pay slip.
  • More than 20 employees per payroll.
  • Call us for a special rate.
  • Full service client, price included in monthly fee.
  • We deliver, the Payroll and a Journal Entry for your administration.
Payroll & Taxes
$24.99 per month extra
  • Submit the Turnover amount
  • We will calculate the Turn over Tax
  • We supply all the amounts to be paid to Receiver and SZV
  • We declare all taxes on your behalf
  • You provide us with the payments and we will submit payment on your behalf at Receiver and SZV
Taxes only
$24.99 month
  • Wagetax, Social Premiums & Turnover tax declarations
  • ZV/OV declaration.
  • This package can also be used for filing zero declarations.



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